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antibody service

Antibody engineering refers to the modification and re-assembly of antibody genes through recombinant DNA and protein engineering technologies. The engineered genes are then further transfected into receptor cells and expressed accordingly. Additionally, antibody engineering also includes the reformatting of known antibodies via cell fusion and chemical modification. Both methods of antibody engineering generate novel artificial antibody molecules that are reserved or newly added the specificity and bioactivities of natural antibodies or eliminated non-relevant structures. For this reason, antibody engineering has great potential to further the capabilities of pharmaceutical research and development.

Synbio Technologies provides comprehensive antibody services based on the innovative Genotype-Phenotype-Synotype (GPS) Platform. We offer the recombinant antibody “Reading” (sequencing & discovery), “Writing” (synthesis & generation), and “Editing” (affinity mutation & humanization). Synbio Technologies can deliver high-quality and cost-effective antibody services as well as professional project management, technical support and quality assurance. This allows us to offer our customers a customized approach for their specific project. In doing so, we can support the development of biologic based drugs of academia, as well as the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Featured Advantages

  • Our professional bioinformatics teams utilize an advanced NGS Platform to supply our customers with highly accurate antibody sequencing and fast antibody discovery.
  • Our NGTM Codon Optimization Technology and Syno® Synthesis Platform are uesd to design, synthesize, and facilitate recombinant antibody expression and purification.
  • We combine our first-class Syno® Ab Library Construction with professional phage display and cell surface display techniques to meet customers’ every request.

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