Immune Repertoire Sequencing


Immune Repertoire refers to the set of all functionally diversified B cells and T cells in the circulatory system of an individual at any given time. Immune repertoire sequencing (Immuno-Seq) targets at T/B lymphocytes and utilizes the 5’ Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends (RACE) Technology. The 5’ RACE technology amplifies complementarity-determining regions (CDRs) of B cell receptors (BCRs) or T cell receptors (TCRs). The CDRs are targeted because they control the diversity of the corresponding BCRs and TCRs. Combined with the high-throughput sequencing technology, the Immuno-Seq provides a comprehensive evaluation of the immune system diversity.

Synbio Technologies provides our customers with a complete antibody repertoire sequencing system including immune repertoire sequencing, antibody CDR region sequencing, etc. Our Immuno-Seq System is designed to assist researchers in the observation and analysis of both T and B cells with unprecedented specificity. The specificity allows the Immuno-Seq technology to be applied to disease surveillance, antibody production, vaccine research, health examination and other related areas.


  • The robust RACE technology and specially optimized PCR amplification systems designed to minimize the amplification bias of the immune repertoire genes
  • Diversified NGS analysis platform
  • Optimal success rates and fast turnaround times
  • Complete and advanced bioinformatic analysis designed to examine highly valuable information


  • Health status examination through analysis of the immune/antibody repertoire diversity
  • Trace the development of antigen-specific antibodies and contribute to the research being conducted on humanized antibodies
  • Evaluation of the vaccine performance

Services Specifications

ServiceDeliverablesTurnaround TimePrice
Immune Repertoire Sequencing1.NGS sequencing data
2.Bioinformatics analysis report
6-8 WeeksInquiry

*For Immuno-Seq service: customers will need to submit one of the following: 1-2ml peripheral blood, splenocyte, selected immune cells or extracted high quality RNA.

Immune Repertoire Sequencing1

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Quote and Ordering

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