CRISPR Cas9 Lentiviral Packaging and the Construction of Stable Cell Lines

Lentiviral vectors have a high transfection efficiency on mammalian cells and can provide an efficient way to integrate exogenous gene into host chromosome. As Cas9 protein has a longer ORF, conventional methods (electrotransfection or chemical reagents transfection) have a lower efficiency of inserting Cas9 gene into host cells. Hence, high-efficiency expression lentiviral vectors can be used to construct Cas9-expressing stable cell lines.

Our lentiviral packaging service provides lentiviral expression Cas9/Cas9 Nicknase and Cas9-expressing stable cell lines. It can also enhance the targeting efficiency of Cas9 and enable stable gene expression in host cells. We can make sure the CRISPR-Cas9 system has a higher efficiency of gene editing.


  • Higher transfection efficiency: Lentiviral vector has a transfection efficiency of nearly 100% on hard-to-transfect cell lines (such as neurons, primary cells, stem cells and tumor cells, etc.).
  • Large cloning capacity: The longest gene fragment that can be inserted is 8k.
  • Multigene editing: We can construct Cas9-expressing stable cell lines and enable simultaneously knock-out multiple targets in the same cell.

Cas9 lentiviral vector sequence

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CRISPR-Cas9 Lentiviral Packaging Service
  • Strain that needs to be modified along with strain information.
  • Information about the target cell line along with cell culture condition.
  • Validated cell line. (Monoclonal cell line is optional)
  • Complete technical report

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