Yeast Genome Editing


Yeast Genome Editing

With the advancement of genome editing technology, more and more species can be genetically modified to satisfy a variety of requirements. Yeast is one of them. Yeasts are unicellular fungi and have been making contributions to human society from ancient times to the modern world. Apart from applications in baking and fermentation for thousands of years, yeast has also become an important model organism in contemporary cell biology and microbiology research. Recently, the CRISPR-Cas9 system has been used as an easy and cost-efficient method of genome modification in simple model organisms. Genome editing in yeast can help to produce efficient mutant yeast colonies and therefore promote their applications in different industries such as biopharmaceuticals, pollution control, energy, chemical bio-manufacturing, etc.

On the basis of genotype and phenotype, the innovative “GPS” platform created by Synbio Technologies introduces Synotype, the gene synthesis, providing a one-stop platform for highly accurate editing and modification of the yeast genome.

Yeast Genome Editing Service Advantages

  • Efficient Genome Editing Tool: Edit any gene at any locus with high accuracy.
  • Multiple Sites Mutant: Genes can be modified in multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: 4-5 Weeks

Yeast Genome Editing Case Study

The ADE1 gene controls expression of adenine in yeast. ADE1 mutant yeast were engineered through CRISPR-Cas9. These mutants exhibited an accumulation of red pigment, a phenotype associated with the lack of adenine.

yeast genome editing

Fig.1. Pink yeast colonies which were programmed by CRISPR-Cas9 gene modification.

yeast genome editing
Fig.2 DNA sequencing

DNA sequencing indicates that 21 base pairs were missing (fig.2), suggested successful gene modification

Service Specifications

ServicesInformation requested from clientsDelivery contentsTurnaround time
Yeast gene knock-out services
  • Strain that needs to be modified along with strain information.
  • Information of the knock-out gene along with knock-out sequences.
Modified glycerol yeast and QC report4-5 weeks
Yeast gene knock-in and replacement services
  • Strain that needs to be modified along with strain information.
  • Information about the knock-in gene along with sequences.
  • Knock-in sites and replacement sequences.
Modified glycerol yeast and QC report4-5 weeks

How to Order Yeast Genome Editing

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