DNA Sequencing & Gene Analysis


DNA Sequencing & Gene Analysis

Synbio Technologies provides reliable DNA sequencing services for our clients. We offer Sanger DNA Sequencing for normal biosynthesis and cloning projects as well as next generation sequencing (NGS) for the analysis of transcriptome and genome. Our well-equipped and experienced technical staff guarantees you reliable gene sequencing and analysis services. Due to our high quality standard along with competitive prices, Synbio Technologies is the primary choice for your research work.

Advantages of DNA Sequencing

1. Reliability: The employment of ABI 3730xl ensures a tidy FIG peak. The sequential reading length could be 800bp at most.
2. Secrecy: You are the only one with access to your sequence. The sample will be destroyed after the sequencing, and you will have full control over your documents.
3. Comprehensive platform: Synbio Technologies has established the gold standard, Sanger sequencing platform along with high-throughput NGS platform.
4. Experience: Technical staff have years of experience in gene sequencing, and are able to provide helpful technical support.

DNA Sequencing & Gene Analysis Case studies: shRNA structure sequencing

shRNA design is typically divided into two formats, the simple stem-loop shRNA and the microRNA-adapted shRNA (Fig.1). Generally speaking, universal protocol doesn’t work for this kind of sequence (Fig.2). However, by using Synbio Technologies’ enhanced protocol, high quality result can be obtained (Fig.3). Due to its hairpin structure, shRNA is difficult to sequence in gene synthesis. With ample experience and immense talent, Synbio Technologies is well able to deal with difficult structures such as hairpin structure, poly structure, etc..

DNA sequencing case study
Fig.1 Centroid secondary structure

shRNA template data using standard sequencing protocol:
DNA sequencing case study
Fig.2 No correct sequencing results for the first time.

shRNA template data using Synbio Tech. protocol:
DNA sequencing case study
Fig.3 Perfect results after changing sequencing program.

How to Order DNA Sequencing & Gene Analysis

If you have any question, please contact us anytime for assistance in business days. Our experienced project managers will provide you professional support to ensure the success of your project.

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