NGTMCodon Optimization Technology

NGTMCodon Optimization Technology

During the gene synthesis process, codon optimization is a method refers to the use of preferred codons, that is, to avoid the rare codons with low utilization, to simplify mRNA’s secondary structure after gene transcription, to remove the motif which is not conducive to efficient expression and add the helpful one, to adjust the GC content and other methods to re-design genes. The commercialization of gene synthesis has greatly promoted the application scope and influence of codon optimization. By the employment of NGTM Codon system, Synbio Technologies’ patent pending codon optimization algorithm, complex sequences are optimized efficient and free, thus obtain you a significant higher protein expression level. Synbio Technologies can provide gene synthesis codon optimization service for free.

Advantages of NGTMCodon Optimization Technology

  • Increase protein expression levels.
  • Gene synthesis codon optimization is available in any hosts: Different organisms have their own preferred codons, for example the prioritized termination codon of yeast and mammalian are UAA and UGA respectively. Specific gene synthesis codon optimizations are applied for different organisms. Specific codon optimizations are provided regard to the hosts that clients provided.
  • Excellent results even in the most difficult sequences: NGTM Codon optimization is capable of optimizing the most complex sequences such as hairpin sequences, highly repeated sequences and extremely long sequences.
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection: All of your IP related rights are fully protected by Synbio Technologies. The DNA sequence and its related information are kept strictly confidential in the entire process. All materials and mid-products including synthesized oligos, genes, plasmids and the cells will be destroyed in one month after delivery.

Case Studies

gene synthesis codon optimization
NGTMCodon improves codon usage efficiency. Y and X axis represent relative usage frequency of codons and genetic codons, respectively. The codon usage (orange lines) was rather dispersed compared with the optimized one (green lines).Synbio technologies has proprietary gene synthesis codon optimization system which can satisfy different customers’ requirements.

How to order codon optimization services

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