High Quality Oligos for NGS


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high-throughput techology that enables the rapid sequencing of millions of base pairs for both DNA and RNA samples. This technology is typically utilized includes three types of sequencing: Illumina (Solexa) sequencing, Roche 454 sequencing and ABI (Solid) sequencing. NGS is more cost effective and efficient than previous approaches. For this reason, NGS has revolutionized the fields of genomics and molecular biology alike.

There is a large demand for oligos throughout the NGS process to obtain high-quality results. Unfortunately, any contamination has a high possibility of resulting in the strong background or splicing error. These errors have the potential to seriously affect the successful sequencing results while wasting valuable time and effort in the process. The requirement of primers for NGS was significantly higher and more stringent than that of conventional primers for PCR. Only high quality NGS grade oligos with accurate quantity and high purity can comply with the high sequencing flux and the high detect resolution of NGS.

Synbio Technologies’ Syno®1.0 Oligo Synthesis Platform utilizes the state-of-the-art oligo synthesizer to ensure high-quality and accurate synthesis. This platform is carried out by our professional team experienced in the oligo synthesis as well as modifications. Together, we can synthesize high-quality oligos with enhanced purity and accuracy for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). To ensure overall quality, all oligos for NGS are specially purified and under stringent quality control guidelines throughout the entire synthesis process. The final products delivered and utilized for various sequencing applications and increasing the success of multiplex NGS experiments.

Competitive Advantages

  • Industry-Leading Coupling Efficiency
    Minimally reduce the dimer generation of synthetic oligos.
  • Exclusive Production Processes
    Standardized and stringent quality controls ensure batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Low Levels of the Cross-Contamination
    Strict purification satisfies the elevated quality, often with purity ≥ 90%.
  • Flexible oligo Specifications
    Highly customized formulation, mixing options and documentations are available.

Custom High Quality Oligos for NGS Services

Synbio Technologies’ specialized Syno®1.0 Oligo Synthesis Platforms allow us to deliver high-quality oligos for NGS applications such as indexed adapters or fusion primers for sequencing, and various other advanced products. Our NGS grade oligos are recommended for a variety of NGS requests independent of the instrument or technology:

  • Syno® Adapters/UMI
  • Syno® Hybrid Capture Probe
  • Syno® Blocking Oligos
  • Amplification Oligos
  • Sequecing Oligos
SpecificationsLengthTurnaround TimeDeliverablesPrice
Indexed Adapters60~70bp5~7 Business dayProducts in tube/plate/chip
Comprehensive QC report (HPLC, MS)
Capture Probe
(DNA oligo – 120nt biotin,
oligo pools – Multiplex PCR)
Blocking Oligos~60bp5~7 Business day
Other NGS oligos10~150bp

How to Order High Quality Oligos for NGS Service

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