Molecular Biology Services


Molecular Biology Services

Molecular biology is the core of many life science research topics, and also plays a fundamental role in modern medical and pharmaceutical research topics alike. Along with the increase in efficiency, molecular biology technologies have been applied to various fields of biological research and development including, molecular mechanisms, drug interactions, targets and effects,etc.

Synbio Technologies provides exceptional molecular biology services intently to meet our customers’ specific requests. Relying on revolutionary breakthroughs in DNA synthesis and engineering technologies, our comprehensive services range from plasmid DNA preparation, site-directed mutagenesis, and vector construction to other related projects. It is these services that have promoted Synbio Technologies to become one of the premier companies within the molecular biology technology industry.

Compared to the “do it yourself” process within molecular biology services, Synbio Technologies is in place for rescuing scientific researchers from consuming too much time and energy in laborious operations and fluctuating results. Our molecular biology services provide our customers with cost effective and efficiency benefits. Synbio Technologies can free up your research time and save your lab cost as request, which will help you focus on various other research topics in your field of interest. Our excellent specialists are always available for your enquiry.

Molecular Biology Services Advantages

  • Comprehensive DNA Synthesis Platform : Our Syno®1.0 to Syno®3.0 synthesis platform can meet our customer’s every request with regards to project scope and scale.
  • Professional Technical Team : Synbio Technologies’ highly experienced team provides our customers with a customized approach to meet all of their project requests.
  • Efficient Processing of Enquiries : Your enquiry will be handled within an efficient timeframe. The order processing status will be updated regularly by Synbio Technologies’ palmary technical support system.

Molecular Biology Service Details

  • Plasmid DNA preparation : Large-scale preparation up to 10 mg level
  • 1. Extremely low endotoxin
    2. Less than 5EU/mg Stringent checkout for quality guarantee.

  • PCR cloning : Optimized amplified primer design
  • 1. Any vector to any cloning site as request.
    2. Fast delivery in 5 business days.

  • Subcloning : Clone specific DNA fragments into any required vector
  • Exact sequence verification by Sanger sequencing.

  • Site-directed mutagenesis : insertion, deletion or point mutation
  • 1. Rich experience in handling difficult sequence.
    2. Any cloning site within any vector

  • Vector construction : Up to 150 Kb vector construction
  • Functional validation and analysis

Services Specifications

Molecular Biology ServicesInformationTurnaround Time
(Business Day)
Delivery FormPrice
Plasmid DNA PreparationPlasmid type
5 µg

1. Prepared plasmid DNA

2. Certificate of analysis (COA)

3. QC report

Midi100 µg3-5
Maxi500 µg5-7
Mega2 mg
Giga10 mg
PCR Cloning & SubcloningDNA fragment length:
10-131. Prepared plasmid DNA
2. Certificate of analysis (COA)
3. QC report
Site-directed MutagenesisCloned fragment length: <2kb
1-3 point mutations
101. Dry powder DNA (2~5 µg)
2. Glycerol bacteria or puncture bacteria containing the corresponding plasmids (1 tube)
3. Original peak diagram of sequencing results (ab1 format)
4. COA file, including QC enzyme digestion verification figure
1-3 point mutations
1-3 point mutations
Vector ConstructionshRNA101. Lyophilized plasmid DNA (2~5 µg)
2. Sequencing chromatogram
3. COA file
4. Virus particle or cell line (Optional)

Note: Please contact to quote price details or raise your specific requirement.

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