Express Plasmid Preparation

Synbio Technologies provides superior and comprehensive plasmid DNA preparation services to our customers from research institutes, biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. Based on our robust molecular biology platform, expanded lab-space and refined manufacturing pipeline, we are offering our US customers Express Plasmid Preparation service. This promotion is designed to maximize time-saving for customers without sacrificing overall quality of final plasmid products. We utilize proven procedures designed by following guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Protocol (GMP). Strict quality control is in place to assure quality, increase stability and reduce batch difference to satisfy all requests. These plasmid products can then be used to facilitate your various applications such as transfection, antibody development, vaccine production and gene-therapy research, etc.


  • Expedited Next Day Service
  • USA based manufacturing allows high quality products and fast turnaround time.

  • Fast 2-3 Days Service
  • Plasmid preparation products are delivered to the Continental United States within 2-3 business days.

  • Strict Quality Control
  • Streamlined procedures complied with ISO9001/2015 quality control management and detailed documentation.

  • Excellent Plasmid DNA Integrity
  • Mostly (>95%) supercoiled molecules to ensure your experiment success, and excellent stability with no observable degradation within at least ten years to facilitate your long-term storage.

  • Comprehensive Downstream Application Services
  • Easily combined with PCR cloning, gene synthesis, mutagenesis, DNA library construction, etc.

Service Procedure


Express Plasmid Preparation Service

Service TypeStarting MaterialApplied AreaDeliverables
Next Day Service*Glycerol Stock/Bacterial Culture (High Copy)Within 20 miles from Synbio Technologies NJ office< 200 μg plasmid, QC report
48 h Service*Plasmid (High Copy)
Glycerol Stock/Bacterial Culture (High Copy)Continental US
3 days Service*Plasmid (High Copy)

*Starting materials should be received by Synbio Technologies before 12:00 pm, EST.
Note: Sanger sequencing is available per request, and Sanger data will be delivered separately. Additional shipping and handling fee for expedited delivery.

How to order express plasmid preparation services

Online Inquiry
+1 732-230-3003
+1 609 228 5911