Plasmid DNA Preparation

For years, Synbio Technologies has provided comprehensive plasmid DNA preparation services to our customers from research institutes and biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries. We have developed and perfected a manufacturing pipeline designed to meet the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Protocol (GMP). These requirements guarantee both in-process controls and final product quality control, to ensure that the highest quality product will be generated. All plasmids we manufactured are free of animal-derived materials and can contain low levels of endotoxin (<0.005EU/μg, on request). This process is designed to meet our customers’ diverse downstream applications such as transfection, antibody preparation, vaccine and gene-therapy research. In addition to our services, we offer complete and detailed documentation that allows us to track and monitor the whole manufacturing process from start to finish. Throughout this process our project management team will monitor the whole operation process to ensure on-time delivery. This process culminates with extensive quality control assays including sequence verification, restriction enzyme digestion and endotoxin analysis. After passing our strict quality control assays, we guarantee the quantity and quality of our delivered products. The result is high quality plasmid DNA ready to ship to our customers all over the world. To protect your intellectual property, we are willing to sign an agreement or contract if deemed necessary. We guarantee to protect our customers’ benefits and their products. Dispensing is also available on your request. Additional expense may be charged depending on the quantity and other requirements.


  • Express Plasmid Preparation Services: USA based manufacturing allows high quality products and fast turnaround time.
  • Low Endotoxin Level: Animal-derived materials free, <0.005EU/μg, on request
  • GMP-Like Manufacturing Pipeline: Complete and detailed manufacturing documentation
  • Strict Quality Control: ISO9001/2015 quality management
  • Fast procedure and on-time delivery

Experimental Procedure


Research GradeApplication Grade
Express Plasmid PreparationNew Standard Plasmid Preparation
Endotoxin LevelNA<0.005EU/μg
Quantity<200μg0.1 mg to gram level1 mg to gram level
Turnaround timeStarting at 1 business dayStarting at 3 business daysStarting at 7 business days
Quality Control Methods
  • Restriction enzyme analysis
  • Basic quality control tests
  • Sterility assurance
  • Restriction enzyme analysis
  • Sequence verification
Recommended Applications
  • in vitro/in vivo transfection
  • Large scale protein expression
  • Viral Packaging
  • Cell therapeutic material
  • Pre-clinical trials in gene therapy or vaccination
  • Long-term DNA storage
Standard Delivery Package ContainsPrepared plasmid DNA, Certificate of analysis (COA) and QC report

Note:Synbio Technologies provides upstream services of plasmid preparation such as gene synthesis and subcloning into both commercial and custom vectors. This allows us to offer a unique approach to satisfy all our customer’s requests. Additionally, if you wish to provide the plasmid template, you will need to prepare over 100 ng DNA sample (diluted with ddH2O or TE buffer), colonies (fresh) or bacteria stored in glycerol.

How to order gene synthesis services

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