Probe Synthesis

Nuclei acid probes are sequences of single stranded DNA or RNA fragments that have the potential to bind specifically to their complementary nucleic acid sequences through a process called hybridization. Nuclei acid probes are usually labeled with a detectable moiety such as radioisotopes, epitopes, fluorophores or biotin to facilitate the detection of their respective target molecules. Recently, nuclei acid probes are becoming a routinely used tool in various research areas. This increased prevalence is due to the increased availability of nuclei acid sequences in databases and advances in molecular biology, such as PCR and NGS. A few examples of these advances include: molecular diagnosis, chip sequencing, human genome engineering, tumor research, forensic identification, precision medicine, IVD, etc.

With our propriety synthesis platform and professional research team, Synbio Technologies is able to produce high quality nucleic acid probes with batch consistency for both routine and specialized applications. Additionally, we can provide a wide variety of modifications or labeling at the 5′ and 3′ ends or a designated position of the probe according to the specific need of our customers.

Competitive Advantages

  • High Purity: Special purification processes ensure efficient removal of small molecule fluorescent residue and purity up to 98%.
  • Strict Quality Control: ISO9001/2015 quality control management system ensures real-time monitoring of probe production and batch to batch consistency.
  • Online Ordering System: Complete online primer/probe synthesis ordering system to streamline the ordering process.
  • Diverse Production Scale: Our experienced probe synthesis experts provide nm to uM scale through our optimized production processes.
  • Customizable Synthesis: Customized modulations and labeling is available upon request.

Service Specifications

ClassificationModificationPrice/ Each (RMB)Turnaround Time (business days)
2OD5OD10ODResearch ApplicationIndustrial Application
TAMRA5’FAM-3’TAMRA975110518203-5 days1 – 2 weeks
5’VIC-3′ BHQ1123513652015
5’NED-3′ BHQ1143016902080
5’TAMRA-3′ BHQ1104015601950
5’VIC-3′ MGB195023404160
5’NED-3′ MGB195023404160
5’TAMRA-3′ MGB208026004550
DABCYL5’FAM-3′ DABCYL97511051820
5’HEX-3′ DABCYL104011701950
5’JOE-3′ DABCYL104015602600
5’ROX-3′ DABCYL104015602600
5’TAMRA-3′ DABCYL104015602600
5’CY5-3′ DABCYL130016902860

Note that not all modifications are available for all types of products and sequences. If the modification you need is not listed, please contact our Technical and Customer Support.

Service Standards for Research or Industrial

Application levelResearch ApplicationIndustrial Application
Synthetic Specificationnmnm~um
Delivery Time3-5 Days1-2 Weeks
Standard Delivery ProjectSample、COA file、MS or HPLC reportSample、COA file、MS or HPLC report、Fluorescence full wavelength scan etc
PurificationRP-HPLC/PAGE etcRPHPLC/IE-HPLC/Dual HPLC etc
QCRP-HPLC detection ≥90%, LC-MS detection molecular weight deviation <0.1%,
Full wavelength scanning (optional)
RP-HPLC detection ≥95%, IE-HPLC detection ≥95%, LC-MS detection molecular weight deviation <0.1%, full wavelength scanning (optional), others
Cross-ContaminationConventional Syno® 1.0 platform anti-pollution processSpecial anti-pollution process
Delivery FormUnder 45℃ dry after use powder shipmentUnder 45℃ and used after freeze-dried powder delivery

Case Studies

Purity is one of the main factors affecting the effectiveness of a nucleic acid probe. Synbio Technologies’ advanced and optimized purification techniques can maximize the elimination of remaining raw materials and other impurities from the target probe, as illustrated below.


Figure 1. The spectrum shows the peak of probe product purified with the conventional method. ☆ represents the target product and O represents impurities. The spectrum shows that impurities were not successfully separated from the target product.**


Figure 2.This spectrum shows the peak of probe product purified with Synbio Technologies’ optimized purification method. ☆ represents target product and O represents impurities. The spectrum shows that impurities were further separated from the target product.**
** Sample crude product


Figure 3. QC analysis of the target product purified with Synbio Technologies’ purification method. The MS (left) analysis shows the mass of the product was comply to its theoretical molecular weight without N± peak; the HPLC (middle) analysis shows the purity of the product was >90%; and the UV (right) shows the absorbance of the product was consistent with its corresponding parameters.

How to Order Probe Synthesis Service

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime for assistance during business days. Our experienced project managers will provide you with professional support to ensure the success of your project.

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