Protein Expression and Purification

Still struggling with DNA sequence optimization and downstream expression? Still busy troubleshooting to protein purification?Is your project stalling due to insufficient recombinant protein amount and/or purity? Our experienced scientific team will provide you with protein expression and purification services that are both fast and reliable.

Based on our propriety “GPS” platforms, we aid our customers in generating high purity recombinant proteins ranging from the milligram to gram level. This is made possible with our patented NGTM Codon Optimization Technology which enables a significant increase of protein expression level in any given host.

Synbio Technologies offers the bacterial, yeast, baculovirus-insect cell,and mammalian cell expression systems. Together with our powerful Syno®2.0 Gene Synthesis Platform, your project can be streamlined starting with fast gene synthesis upon your request. Simply submit your gene or protein sequence and high-quality purified recombinant protein will arrive to your bench in as soon as 6 weeks.


service specifications

BacterialMammalian Cell
Turnaround Time6-8 Weeks8-10 weeks
Expression Level50%>30%
Protein RefoldingPartial FoldingCorrect Folding
Post Translational ModificationsgWOComprehensive Post Translational Modifications
GuaranteeSyno® Guaranteed Package:

  • 3-5 mg, >85% purity
  • >ONLY charged if project is successful

Protein expression and purification services of Synbio Technologies including:

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