Syno®Guaranteed Package

Our Syno®Guaranteed Package offers services in bacterial expression systems, including codon optimization, gene synthesis, protein expression, and 2-step purification. Other services such as protein refolding, tag removal, and endotoxin removal services are also available for an additional charge. Through our proprietary NGTM Codon Optimization Software and our experienced scientific team, we guarantee the delivery of a high-quality final product within 6 weeks.

DIY (Do it Yourself)Synbio Technologies
CostCost Min.$3,000
【Reagents cost(Min. $1,000)+ Labor cost (Min. $2,000)】
【Gene synthesis with codon optimization is included】
TimelineRarely complete within 9 weeks6 Weeks on Average
End ResultNo guaranteeGuarantee 3-5 mg protein with 85% purity

Guaranteed Package Advantages

  • Proprietary Technologies : With our patented NGTM Codon Optimization Software and Syno® Expression Vector Series, we can optimize gene expression levels and solubility to achieve a 95% success rate in bacterial expression systems.
  • Guaranteed Amount and Purity : There is no charge if we do not deliver 3 mg protein of 85% purity.

Service specifications

ServicesDeliverableTurnaround TimePricing
  • Gene Synthesis with Codon Optimization*
  • Subcloning
  • Expression Test
  • Protein Expression and Purification
  • 3-5 mg soluble protein of 85% purity**
  • QC report
6-8 weeks$1,980

*Gene synthesis for sequences of up to 1.5kb is included in the package; longer sequences will be charged extra. Codon optimization will be performed to increase the expression level of target proteins.

**Exclusions are applicable to membrane proteins, toxic proteins and target proteins greater than 100 kDa. Protein refolding will be acceptable for insoluble proteins. If more protein amount or higher purity is needed, please contact us.

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