RNA Synthesis Services


RNA has been widely used in gene function analysis, novel therapeutic research and development along with various other biological research fields. As the interest in RNA research has become more popular so has the need for RNA synthesis. The synthesis of RNA is similar to that of DNA synthesis, but due to the decreased stability synthesis of RNA is much more difficult to achieve. During the chemical synthesis of RNA several issues arise. These issues are that the coupling efficiency between bases is low, the RNA product is easily decomposed or degraded, the operating environment is demanding, all leading to the preparation cost being elevated. To circumvent these issues associated with RNA synthesis, Synbio Technologies has developed a streamlined approach toward RNA synthesis. Using this approach Synbio Technologies can directly provide high quality RNA synthesis services or products for customers. These RNA products are provided at an economical price to meet the scientists’ diversified needs while not sacrificing on overall quality.

Synbio Technologies’ RNA services include customizable RNA synthesis resulting in high-quality products. These services offer the synthesis of single/double stranded RNA as well as various types of modification and labeling specific groups of RNA according to your specific requirements. The maximum output specification that can be delivered is on the scale of 2500 OD. In addition, Synbio Technologies also provides stable siRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, long chain RNA and methylation modification RNA. The synthesized RNA strictly enforces the QC detection and HPLC purity detection standard to ensure the high quality RNA products to our customers.

Featured Advantages

  • Various types of customizable RNA synthesis services capable of providing single strand RNA fragments up to 2500 OD.
  • Strict purification procedures of each batch of synthetic products by HPLC in RNase-free environment, avoiding RNase contamination throughout the process, and providing you with a free HPLC detection report.
  • The professional project management teams provide you with comprehensive pre-sale consultation, order design, project progress updating and after-sales service to ensure the smooth promotion of your projects.
  • Commitment to keep the details of the project strictly confidential without any form of development and utilization to protect your intellectual property rights.

Service Specifications

• RNA Synthesis Overview

ServiceOrder SizePurificationDeliverablesPriceTurnaround Time
(Business Days)
RNA Synthesis2-10 ODHPLC1. Lyophilized RNA
2. Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)
25 OD
50 OD8
100 OD
250 OD10
≥500 OD15

* This principle applies to single stranded RNA. Please contact us to query about the double stranded RNA (quote@synbio-tech.com).

• RNA Modification

5’-Amino Linker C65’-Phosphorylation5’-Biotin
3’-Amino Linker C73’-Phosphorylation3’-Biotin
5’-Thiol Modifier C6 S-S3’-Thiol Modifier C6 S-SFor specific requests, please inquire.

• RNA Fluorescence Labeling

For specific requests, please inquire.

How to Order RNA Synthesis Service

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime for assistance during business days. Our experienced project managers will provide you with professional support to ensure the success of your project.

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