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Synthesis and Assembly Services on Gene Cluster and Small Genome

The rapid development of synthetic biology has allowed the biological science industry to place greater emphasis on powerful concepts and techniques, such as comprehensive analysis of complex pathways and the re-design of natural biological systems. Currently, Gibson assembly is the most popular way to achieve directed cloning and in vitro multiple-segment assembly. However, Gibson assembly is limited to plasmids around 10Kb or less in length, which largely restricts its applications.

A number of researchers found that assembly in yeast is highly potential as one of the convenient approaches to assemble DNA segments. Yeast can connect multiple DNA segments automatically without DNA polymerases and ligases, making it possible to construct a plasmid over 10Kb with fast turnaround. Yeast homologous recombination technology is therefore hugely beneficial for fast and high-efficient assembly of long DNA fragments and genomes. There are a number of scientists around the world using the yeast platform to assemble large and complex DNA products currently. In 2008, Gibson reported that 25 small fragments with homologous overlaps were successfully assembled in vitro to produce a 592Kb plasmid through yeast, an important step forward for artificial genome assembly. Using yeast homologous recombination technology, Clyde A. Hutchison III et. al, have successfully assembled the minimal genome of live Chlamydia after a 30-year research.

Comparison of the DNA assembly technologies

Gibson Assembly MethodYeast homologous recombination technology
DNA polymerases/Taq ligasesRequiredNot required, yeast uses homologous recombination.
Multiple fragment assemblySeamless assemblyOne-step Assembly
Long DNA fragments and genomesFragments over 20Kb are hard to achieveAble to assemble fragments up to 1.08Mb

By utilizing yeast homologous recombination technology, Synbio Technologies is able to provide one-stop services for long gene synthesis/assembly and gene cluster/small genome synthesis and assembly. These services are accomplished with our unique Syno®2.0 and 3.0 Synthesis Platforms. To ensure overall quality we guarantee 100% accuracy on all our delivered DNA products.

Synthesis and Assembly Services on Gene Cluster and Small Genome

Diagram of the synthesis and assembly platform of gene clusters and small genomes


  • Powerful Syno®2.0 and Syno®3.0 Gene Synthesis Platforms provide one-stop solutions for yeast assembly platforms such as gene synthesis, assembly and sequencing
  • Synthesis and assembly of long DNA fragments with high fidelity and speed. Synbio Technologies can deliver single gene sequences up to 200Kb, guaranteeing reliable assembly of long DNA fragments.

Services Specifications

ServicesDetailsTurnaround TimeDelivered ProductPrice
Synthesis of gene clusters and small genomesCustomized service for metabolic pathway synthesis<10Kb, 4-6 weeks
>10Kb, Inquiry
Synthetized gene clusters, plasmids with small genomes and glycerol bacteriaInquiry

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