Syno® Hybrid Capture Probe

Target region enrichment technology enables specific hybridization between probes and genomic regions of interest in various high throughput sequencing techniques. Well-designed probes can effectively capture SNPs, known or unknown mutation (indels, inversion, recombination, etc) and many clinical tumor-related genomic regions.

Based on our qualified and optimized oligo design and synthesis platform, Synbio Technologies can offer custom hybrid capture probes and a series of sequence capture probes for personalized drug or disease susceptibility gene variation research. Using this platform, we can design and synthesize labeled capture probes in solution or on-chip to achieve high specificity and deep reads. The generated probes are typically utilized in the whole exome sequencing (WES), target region sequencing (TRS), etc.

Competitive Advantages

  • Multiple probe schemes including individually synthesized single probe or high-throughput probe pool.
  • High sequence accuracy and specificity, effectively improving capture efficiency.
  • Target region enrichment, reducing sequencing cost and the difficulty of massive data analysis.
  • Customizable services with reliable quality and high performance.
SpecificationsLengthTurnaround TimeDeliverablesPrice
Capture Probe
(DNA oligo – 120nt biotin,
oligo pools – Multiplex PCR)
10~170bpInquireProducts in tube/plate/chip
Comprehensive QC report (HPLC, MS)

How to Order Capture Probes Service

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