Synthetic DNA Libraries


Synbio Technologies is equipped with the world leading Syno® DNA technology platforms ranged from standard gene synthesis to the proprietary next generation Syno® 3.0 synthesis technology. We are capable of generating high quality DNA libraries of any size and complexity with an efficient timeframe and lower cost. Our synthetic DNA libraries can facilitate your various research interests: spanning from functional genetics to directed evolution, especially to protein engineering and antibody studies. In addition, Synbio Technologies’ experienced bioinformatics team can help to analyze and provide synthetic DNA libraries design to your researches.

Competitive Advantages

  • Generation of Multiple Library Types: Scanning, degenerate codon, triplet codon, site saturation, random substitution, modular etc.
  • Professional Technical Platforms: The flexible Syno® 2.0 and 3.0 synthesis platforms guarantee
  • a rapid and high throughput gene synthesis providing a powerful ability to successfully assemble large DNA fragments with 100% sequence accuracy.
  • Flexible Deliverables: Oligo pools, PCR fragments, pooled clones or error-free separated colonies.
  • Achievable Library Diversity: We can offer the library diversity of up to 1014 variants.

Applications of Synthetic DNA Libraries

  • Alanine Scan Library : Research on amino acid residues critical to protein function, interaction and shape by replacing an individual amino acid, with alanine, at every position.
  • Alanine-Scan-Library-2
  • Site Saturation Library : Substitute all 20 possible amino acids at any site to evaluate structure-function relationships and to generate improved protein variants.
  • Site-Saturation-Library1
  • Random Substitution Library : Substitute bases with triplet, random or degenerate ones to identify locations for specific analysis.
  • Random-Substitution-Library1
  • Antibody Library : Create a high diversity synthetic antibody library or improve existing antibody functionality such as specificity, immunogenicity, affinity, expression and/or aggregation.
  • Antibody-Library-1-300x120
  • Modular Substitution Library : Build new genetic modules, regions or pathways from DNA parts including regulatory elements and/or coding sequences.
  • Modular-Substitution-Library-1-300x148


Pooled ss Oligo LibrariesPooled ds PCR LibrariesPooled Cloning LibrariesError Free Separated Colonies Libraries
LengthUp to 125nt/200nmolUp to 3kbUp to 109 transformantsUp to 1M colonies
FidelityOligo mix with degenerated base(s) or triplet base(s)PCR fragment pool with variantsPool of variant sequences cloned into vector100% sequence verified clones in a vector
Complexityhigh or low GC regions, GC flux, tandem repeats, homopolymers, palindromes30-80% GC, no repeatshigh or low GC regions, GC flux, tandem repeats, homopolymers, palindromeshigh or low GC regions, GC flux, tandem repeats, homopolymers, palindromes
Custom VectorAvailableAvailable
Quality AssuranceAmplification, Cloning and sequencing at least 16-96 clones or NGS to verify diversityCloning and sequencing at least 16-96 clones or NGS to verify diversitySequencing at least 16-96 clones or NGS to verify diversity100% sequence verification using Next Generation and Sanger sequencing methods

Pricing and Delivery Times

Length (nt/kb)Complexity AnalysisDiversity Analysis by SequencingOligo or PCR fragment YieldPooled Cloning Plasmids/Culture YieldError-free Separated Plasmids YieldPooled ss Oligo LibrariesPooled DNA Library PricedClone Library List PriceDelivery Time*
0.02-0.125100 nmolInquire10-15 Business Days
0.125-3.02 μg20-100 μg/1-5ml culture1-5 μg$0.15/bp plus degerated/triplet price$0.35/bp plus degerated/triplet price10-15 Business Days
1.5-3.02 μg20-100 μg/1-5ml culture1-5 μg$0.20/bp plus degerated/triplet price$0.45/bp plus degerated/triplet price10-15 Business Days
3.0-6.020-100 μg/1-5ml culture1-5 μg$0.55/bp plus degerated/triplet price20-40 Business Days

20-100 μg/1-5ml culture1-5 μg$0.65/bp plus degerated/triplet price30-50 Business Days
>9.020-100 μg/1-5ml culture1-5 μg$0.95/bp plus degerated/triplet priceInquire

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