Synthetic DNA Libraries Case Studies

Synbio Technologies’ synthetic DNA library services offer an efficient and effective method for protein engineering and directed evolution research. We are capable of designing and constructing a wide range of synthetic DNA libraries such as alanine scan library, site saturation library, random substitution library, modular substitution library to satisfy the requirements of experimenters. Synbio Technologies has extensive experience with designing and generating these libraries which has allowed us to supply our customers with high-quality synthetic DNA libraries all over the world.

1. Site Saturation Library


Synbio Technologies has successfully constructed a custom site saturation library based on our comprehensive design and synthesis technologies. For example, three consecutive bases were mutated into the NNK formatted type at any regions of the sequence. A site saturation library with the diversity of 108 was successfully delivered in lyophilized plasmid form in an effective timeframe.

2. Random Substitution Library


Synbio Technologies’ random substitution libraries successfully mutated the specific parts as showing and generated 1-4 mutations/1,000bp. According to the calculation, the mutation rate of each clone was 1.5-2.5/kb. The schematic diagram displayed above shows the mutagenesis frequency of different numbers of mutated bases.

3. Controlled Library


Synbio Technologies designed and conducted controllable mutagenesis at different CDR regions of a targeting antibody. A controlled library was successfully produced with our proprietary PermutationTM Technology. Using this technology, we successfully mutated the triplet codons to change the amino acids in the target protein sequence. Synbio Technologies’ customized controlled library can accurately control the types and the proportion of amino acids.

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