sgRNA Library Services & sgRNA in vitro Transcription 20% OFF

Synbio Technologies has extensive experience with gene editing. By relying on our proprietary Syno® 3.0 Synthesis Platform, we can construct knockout libraries, interference libraries, and activation libraries. Currently we have successfully designed and synthesized more than 100 high-quality sgRNA libraries of approximately 20 species. In addition, Synbio Technologies can provide customers ready-to-use sgRNA products that can be directly transfected into cells or animals without plasmid construction. From 4/10/2019 to 5/31/2019 you can enjoy 20% off your order for gene editing sgRNA library services & sgRNA in vitro transcription services.

Competitive Advantages

  • Design for Multiple Model Species
  • Databases cover sgRNA design for approximately 20 species; specific sgRNA design is also available upon request for certain species.
  • Comprehensive Synthesis Platform
  • The library synthesized by the proprietary Syno® 3.0 Synthesis Platform has the advantages of being high throughput and highly accurate with low costs.
  • High Quality Library
  • The coverage ratio of clone is >100, accuracy >80%, storage capacity >106, coverage of NGS confirmation >99%, and uniformity index of NGS confirmation < (10-15).
  • Efficient Gene Editing
  • Lentivirus transfection system significantly improved the efficiency of sgRNA transfection.

Promotion Details

  • Time

    4/10/2019 – 5/31/2019

  • Service Specifications
ServicesTurnaround Time (Weeks)*Price ($)*
Library Design1Quote
sgRNA Library Synthesis2-3
sgRNA Library Construction2-3
sgRNA Library Plasmid Extraction1
sgRNA Library NGS Confirmation2-4
sgRNA Library Lentivirus Package2-3
sgRNA Bioinformatics1

* sgRNA library service is highly customized. Price and turnaround time will vary depending on the sgRNA library size. Please contact to quote for your specific project.

ServicesDeliverablesTurnaround Time (Business Days)Price ($)*
sgRNA synthesis (in vitro Transcription)10-15 µg10-20$180

* For more information, please contact

Case Study

Synbio Technologies has successfully designed and synthesized more than 100 high-quality sgRNA libraries of approximately 20 species including animals (rat, mouse, human, pig, sheep, chicken, silkworm, Aedes aegypti, etc.), plants (rice, tobacco, cassava, rape, etc.), microorganisms (E. coli, yeast, etc.) and activation libraries (human). Following is a case in which we designed and synthesized a sgRNA library for our customer. The library capacity is 106, the accuracy rate >97%, the coverage rate of NGS confirmation is 99.99%, and the uniformity index <4.6.