Synbio Technologies Summer Promotion

The vacation you have been looking forward to is finally coming, but your research never stops! Don’t worry, Synbio Technologies is here to help as your reliable partner.
We are committed to creating a friendly and economic environment to help scientists around the world accelerate their scientific research.
From May 1st to July 30th, enjoy many discounts on some of our top-selling services. We are sure that you will find the perfect discounts for services related to your experiment. Read further to see what new discounts we have to offer this Summer!

Oligo & Probe Synthesis
If the total amount in one order reaches ≥50 OD, enjoy 20% OFF!
Why us?
★ ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 quality management system standards
★ Multiple purification methods with purity up to 99%
★ Batch-to-batch consistency and traceability
★ Multifarious modifications and fluorescent labeling
★ From milligram to gram synthesis scale

RNA Oligo Synthesis
If the total amount in one order reaches ≥100 OD, enjoy 15% OFF!
Why us?
★ Strict quality management eliminate all pollution
★ Various modification improve the stability of RNA sequence
★ Batch-to-batch consistency and traceability
★ From milligram to gram synthesis scale

Peptide Synthesis
If you order ≥5mg of the same product at one time, enjoy 25% OFF!

Why us?
★ Different purity levels, from crude to purity >98%
★ Complete MS, HPLC reports, and COA
★ Custom synthesis with on-time delivery
★ Professional technical support
★ One-to-one confidentiality agreement

Prokaryotic Protein Expression
Enjoy 10% OFF!
If you order in bulk and the order is ≥10 mg, enjoy 20% OFF!

Why us?
★ One-stop service
★ NGTM Codon optimization technology
★ Optimized and tailored solutions
★ Guaranteed amount and purity
★ Fast delivery & low cost

CRISPR Amplicon Sequencing
Enjoy 30% OFF!
Why us?
★ Batch processing of 96-well plates
★ High flexibility for screening various genetic variation
★ Highly customized
★ Cost-effective
★ Reliable bioinformatics analysis

Antibody Discovery HOT
For Hybridoma Sequencing, enjoy 30% OFF!
Why us?
★ Flexible antibody discovery strategies
★ One-stop solution
★ 10,000+ projects delivered
★ >95% project success rate
★ Customized bioinformatics analysis

Metabolic Engineering
Enjoy 20% OFF!
Why us?
★ Advanced instrument platform: UHPLC-QE-MS & GC-Q-MS
★ Abundant commercial databases
★ Strict quality control in analytical processes
★ Personalized bioinformatics analysis services

Terms and Conditions:
  • The promotional discount will be applied to your new order and cannot be retroactively applied to orders which have already been confirmed or completed.
  • Promotion Duration: May 1st – July 30th, 2021.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions or special pricing agreements.