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DNA Molecular Design ToolsGene Analysis ToolsSanger Sequencing Tool
DNA Molecular Design ToolsGene Analysis ToolsSanger Sequencing Tool
DNARNA + Protein TranslationProperty Calculator (DNA + Protein)Antibody Sequencing
DNA/RNA + Protein TranslationProperty Calculator
(DNA + Protein)
Antibody Sequencing
Databases and other resources
Databases and other resources

DNA Molecular Design Tools

Gene EditingMIT: Input sequence and can discover possible off targets genome-wide + highlighting guides with high target specificityView
Gene Editing Services
CRISPR-ERA: a comprehensive design tool for CRISPR-mediated gene editing, repression and activationView
Gene Editing Services
Cas-Database: web-based genome-wide guide RNA library design for gene knockout screens using CRISPR-Cas9View
Gene Editing Services
GenomeCRISPR: a database for high-throughput CRISPR/Cas9 screensView
Gene Editing Services
Codon OptimizationCodon Optimizer: Remove/add motifs + codon optimizationView
NGTM Codon
PCR Primer DesignPrimer3Plus: Picks primers from a DNA sequenceView
Primer-Blast: Tool for finding primers specific to PCR templateView
Molecular DesignMolecular Design ToolKit: Requires python, able to design and visualize interaction in molecular systemsView
AmiRNA: Design artificial micro RNAs based on data provided by userView

Gene Analysis Tools

Sequencing and Genomic Assemblers Abyss: de novo, parallel, pair-end sequence assembler designed for short reads, show what sequence will becomeView
Cufflinks: Assembles transcripts, estimates abundances, tests for differential expression and regulation in RNA-Seq samplesView
Cortex Con: de novo gene assembly, multisample variant calling, manipulating and assembling graphsView
BioEdit: Sequence Aligner, plasmid drawing, multiple analysis toolsView
CAP3: Sequence Assembly Program (Contigs, Single Sequence)Website
SSAKE: de novo genome assembly with short DNA sequence readsView
FALCON: Allows alignment of long reads for consensus and assemblyView
Gene Sequence AnalysisGLIMMER: Identify areas of coding vs. non-coding in microbial DNAView
EMBOSS Seqret: Reads/Writes sequences (Extract sequences from database, display/reformat sequence, FASTA file converter, reverse complement, sequence case conversion)View
User Guide
PlasMapper: Generates and annotates plasmid maps with given plasmid sequenceView
Plasmid Prep Services
HMMER: Searching databases for sequence homologs + alignmentsView
Online Tool
User Guide
Artemis: Visualization of sequence features, next generation dataView
BLAST: Genome database + sequence alignment toolView
CD-Hit: Clustering/comparing nucleotide or protein sequencesView
FASTX-TOOLKIT: Preprocess fastx/q files to produce better mapping (alignment) results to reference other genomes/databasesView
Bioperl: Sequence Alignment, manipulating sequences, transforming formats, accessing data from databasesView
CLUSTALW: Multiple Sequence AlignmentView
T-COFFEE: Align DNA, RNA, or Protein SequencesView
Reverse Complement: Outputs the reverse complement sequenceView

Sanger Sequencing Tool

Sanger SequencingOMIC Sanger Sequencing: Supplies different types of tools related to Sanger SequencingView
Sanger Sequencing Services


DNA/RNA + Protein Translation

DNA/RNA – ProteinExPASy: Translates DNA/RNA sequence to protein sequenceView
Protein – DNASequence Manipulation Suite: Reverse translationView

Property Calculator (DNA + Protein)

Property CalculatorDNA + Protein Calculator: Properties of DNA + ProteinProtein
Protein Structure + Function Pfam: Finds protein alignment/matches, domain organization + functionView
PROSITE: Protein domains, functional sites, associated patternsView
CATH: Classifications of proteins downloaded from PDB, predict locations of structural domains, structure, function and evolution of proteinsView
SWISS-MODEL: Protein structure homology modelling serverView

Antibody Sequencing

Antibody SequencingIgblast: A tool for immunoglobulin (IG) and T cell receptor (TR) V domain sequencesView
Antibody Services
IMGT: the international ImMunoGeneTics information systemView
Antibody Services

Databases and other resources

DatabasesSanger Institute: Provides many different tools for genome analysisView
Protein Data Bank: Provides numerous information related to proteinsView
NCBI: Genome DatabaseView
OMIC Tools: Provides selection of bioinformatics toolsView
Other ResourcesElements of Genomics: Offers numerous popular bioinformatic toolsView
Researchgate: Article offering insight on tools for gene and protein sequence analysisView
EOS: Offered popular tools for BioLinuxView


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