Syno® 1.0-Oligo Synthesis

Syno® 1.0: Chemical DNA Synthesis

Syno® 1.0 platform of Synbio Tech. is an industrialized DNA chemical synthesis platform. Our innovative manufacturing process allows us to offer the highest quality oligos, labeled/modified oligos, degenerated oligo library, aptamers at the lowest price in the industry. The breadth of our service & product portfolio runs from short oligos to dsDNA fragments. 

The Syno® 1.0 process consists of: 

  • Proprietary DNA sequence analysis and design
  • CpG-based oligo synthesis utilizing industry leading manufacture process
  • Proprietary purification process
  • Quality control including MS analysis for final sequence verification

Applications including: 

  • Generate native DNA sequences
  • Create de novo DNA sequences
  • Generate labeled probes
  • Generate aptamers
  • Build degenerated oligo library