Synthetic DNA Libraries

Synbio Technologies offers high quality DNA libraries of any size and complexity with an efficient time frame and at industry’s most competitive rate. Our synthetic DNA libraries are designed by an experienced bioinformatics team to facilitate various research applications, including functional genetics, directed evolution, protein engineering and antibody studies.

Competitive Advantages

  • A Variety of Library Types: Scanning, degenerate codon, triplet codon, site saturation, random substitution, modular libraries etc.
  • Advanced Technical Platforms: The advanced synthesis platforms guarantee rapid and high-throughput library construction services.
  • Flexible Deliverables: Oligo pools, PCR fragments, pooled clones or error-free separated colonies.
  • High Library Diversity: We offer library diversity of up to 1014 variants.

Library Types

Alanine Scan Library

Research on amino acid residues critical to protein function, interaction and shape by replacing an individual amino acid, with alanine, at every position.

Figure 1. Alanine Scan Library

Site Saturation Library

Substitute all 20 possible amino acids at any site to evaluate structure-function relationships and to generate improved protein variants.

Figure 2. Site Saturation Library

Random Substitution Library

Substitute bases with triplet, random or degenerate ones to identify locations for specific analysis.

Figure 3. Random Substitution Library

Antibody Library

Create a high diversity synthetic antibody library or improve existing antibody functionality such as specificity, immunogenicity, affinity, expression and/or aggregation.

Figure 4. Antibody library

Modular Substitution Library

Build new genetic modules, regions or pathways from DNA parts including regulatory elements and/or coding sequences.

Figure 5. Modular Substitution library

Library Deliverables

Pricing and Delivery Times