Large-Scale Oligo Synthesis

DNA oligos are chemically synthesized with four deoxyribonucleotides of A, T, C, and G. These sequences are widely used in various ways in the field of biology. Synbio Technologies is confident in our ability to provide high-quality DNA oligo products to scientific researchers and industrial customers around the world. With the combination of our state-of-the-art synthesizer, advanced production technology, and professional technical support team, we have consistently achieved low mutation rates, short turnaround times, and high cost performance.

Synbio Technologies provides unmodified DNA oligo synthesis for large-scale orders only (at least 96 DNA Oligos). These oligos may come in the form of standard oligos, long oligos, degenerate primers, etc. Our regular synthesis scale is 2 OD for DNA oligos, but we can also offer a flexible synthesis scale to meet customers’ PCR or sequencing application needs. The tailored specification of the single type oligo can reach 1-200 nmol (about 0.5-100 OD). Synbio Technologies delivers the large-scale oligo synthesis in 96-well and 384-well plate formats upon request.

Competitive Advantages

  • High-Quality: We can achieve extremely low mutation and low error rates, in accordance with the stringent quality control standards for oligo synthesis
  • Highly-Customizable: Flexible synthesis scales are available; four alternative purification options include desalt, HPLC, PAGE plus, and PAGE
  • Technical Support: Professional teams experienced in oligo synthesis and various modifications offer support throughout the production progress
  • Cost Effective: Competitive prices and affordable services

Service Specifications

Synbio Technologies provides a fast and convenient large-scale standard unmodified DNA oligo synthesis. Bulk custom DNA oligos can be ordered with the same high purity, competitive prices, and fast turnaround.

Price Per Base for Oligos

* Production time applies for non-complex sequences. Please inquire if you prefer other purification method.

Genetic codes have the tendency to degenerate, which lead to the use of degenerate primers in PCR experiments to exhibit specific genes. Synbio Technologies provides both the design and synthesis of these degenerate primers, as well as custom degenerate oligo pool synthesis upon request.

  • Standard Service: No design fee, suitable for more than 95% PCR projects.
  • Superior Service: Utilized for certain projects sensitive to codon bias. Synbio Technologies can significantly reduce the deviation inherent in the synthesis procedures and realize the accurate proportional control.
  • SymbolBase TypeStandard RatioPrice
    Standard LevelSuperior Level
    RA,G50% : 50%FreeInquire
    YC,T50% : 50%
    MA,C50% : 50%
    KG,T50% : 50%
    SC,G50% : 50%
    WA,T50% : 50%
    HA,C,T33% : 33% : 33%
    BC,G,T33% : 33% : 33%
    VA,C,G33% : 33% : 33%
    DA,G,T33% : 33% : 33%
    NA,C,G,T25% : 25% : 25% : 25%

    * Non-standard base proportion should be declared clearly, for example, N(20%A:30%C:40%G:10%T).

Based on the solid-phase oligo chemical synthesis technology, as the length of the synthetic sequence increasing, the undesired bands of N-1 type impurities are more unavoidable in the electrophoresis. However, some experiments still need to use long chain genes or ultra-long oligos (130-150 mer). In doing so, the synthesis efficiency and purification are pretty crucial.

Synbio Technologies’ Oligo Synthesis Platform utilizes an optimized ultra-long chain design and synthesis program to meticulously monitor and control the synthesis process. This process allows us to generate long high-quality oligos (90-129 mer) and even ultra-long oligos (130-150 mer) according to individual requests.

Turnaround Time
90-109 mer
5-6 business days
110-129 mer
1 OD
5-7 business days
130-150 mer
0.5 OD
5-8 business days

Standard deliverables

Lyophilized dry DNA oligo powder, 1 tube (Transparent or dark) or 96-well and 384-well plate
Certificate of Analysis (COA) including sequencing information, OD, Tm, etc.