Genome Editing Tool

Synbio Technologies patented next generation gene synthesis Platform be used to achieve high-quality sgRNA library synthesis with low costs. Presently, this platform has been utilized to design and construct more than 40 sgRNA libraries, including libraries for silkworms, wheat, goats, pigs, aedes, mice and human. Synbio Technologies has a professional CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Platform, which can accurately knock-in and knock-out genes, CRISPRa, CRISSPRi and other projects. The platform can also provide 13 individual modes of animal sgRNA design and construction, activity detection, sgRNA library construction, and lentivirus packaging. To comply with all our customers’ request, Synbio Technologies provides professional technical consultation, experimentation design, and customized experimental services for CRISRP-Cas9 gene editing.

Research Workflow

sgRNA Design

  • Customizable genome sgRNA design
  • Gene transfer and sgRNA design within the range genome or panel

Construction of CRISPR-Cas9 Vector System
KO/KI Verification
and Analysis
  • Validation of sgRNA activity in vitro
  • Validation of sgRNA activity in vivo
Construction of Cell Lines or Animal Models
  • Construction of stable cell lines
  • Construction of animal models by gene knock-out

Service advantages

  • One-Stop Services
  • Synbio Technologies provides an integrated solution for sgRNA design, synthesis, construction, activity detection and screening of stable cell lines.

  • Professional Technology Platform
  • Synbio Technologies has an independently developed sgRNA design software, which can efficiently and accurately provide multi-species sequence design schemes.

  • Library Synthesis
  • Synbio Technologies has an independently developed next generation Chip-Based Synthesis Platform, capable of effectively constructing libraries.

  • High Throughput Function Screening Platform
  • Synbio Technologies can provide high throughput screening for genomic libraries, parallel analysis for gene functions of large numbers of cells, and identification for related candidate genes.

  • The world’s leading “sgRNA library design and manufacturer”
  • Synbio Technologies has designed and synthesized more than one million sgRNA sequences, with a total base number of 100 million bp, for customers all over the world.